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So what happened when I stopped Keto?

So what happened when I stopped Keto?

Last summer an series of events caused me to stop Keto! I was going hard and strong and it was amazing! However I some how crashed after about 40lbs of weight loss. This is honestly hard to type, a special kind of torture to be […]

Keto Diet – Lost 30lbs in 60 Days – Just the right food!

Keto Diet – Lost 30lbs in 60 Days – Just the right food!

60 Days ago I jumped into the Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting at the same time. I had no idea on day 6, my hardest day of Keto Flu, that I would lose this amount of weight in this amount of time. I am not […]

Is It Possible to Lose 5lbs in 4 Days?

Is It Possible to Lose 5lbs in 4 Days?

Most of you reading this will know that it is very possible to lose 5lbs in 4 days. Specially if you haven’t been dieting for a while! However this question was asked in a Keto group I am a part of and I thought it would be good to share a bit of the science.

Here is how the conversation went:

Petra: Is it possible to lose 5lbs in 4 Days.

Me: Yes, very possible, it is water weight though. Easy to gain back too.

Helpful Lady #1: Yes, water weight.

Helpful Lady #2: Great job, water weight for sure.

Helpful Guy #1: You can lose 10 lbs of water weight or more the first week!

Helpful Lady #3: Congrats on starting this new way of life. That first week weight drop with water weight is so cool!

Petra: Well I did it…. and it isn’t water weight.

Helpful Lady #2: What makes you think that?

Petra: I just know.

Helpful Lady #2: Any Data on that? What did you do.

Petra: I didn’t eat.

(insert many people trying to explain water weight and get an idea of what she has actually been up to and try to be helpful)

Petra to Me: Don’t be rude, it isn’t water weight, it will not come back, if it does I will just not eat again till it is gone again.

Me: I am not being rude, it is just science. You might well keep it off with this way of life. Water weight though is fickle! You are made of 50% water, so the likelihood of just starting a new diet and losing real fat so fast isn’t likely.

Petra: I didn’t lose water weight. Don’t be rude.

Me: Ok…. lets assume you are an athlete. You haven’t told us anything about you, how you are eating or working out, but lets go with the best case. So you say you lost 5lbs of fat (on keto most of us also lose 10% lean muscle but that is less than other diets and thus why a lot of athletes are now choosing keto but that is not what this post is about, lets stick with fat.)

So that means you are saying you burned 17,500 calories in 4 days. I don’t know if you had anything at all to eat but lets say you ate enough to maintain your basic body functions. So that leaves some how burning 17,500 calories another way. Lets assume you like to cycle! Ok so you cycle for 2 hours and an average person burns about 500 calories. But that will not add up for you, so lets say you cycle 7 hours to hit 1lb fat loss! But that still isn’t the 5lbs your talking about. So you would have to cycle for 70 hours out of 4 days. That is a heck of a lot right?

Petra: Doesn’t reply…. deletes her post.




So given that we are 50% water, why is it that we are so upset when we hear that we lost water weight? Is it fear that it could easily come back? Weight fluctuates so much and it can explain why some weeks we are up in weight even though we did it all “right” and some down. So much effects if we hold on to water or not. No matter what though, if we are getting thinner, our water weight must go down too. 50% off 200 is 100, so if we plan to say go from 200 to 150, that will be 25lbs of water weight right? (if I am understanding the math correctly). Lets celebrate the water weight loss for what it is!


Keto Diet Inspiration – 84 pounds lost in 1 year

Keto Diet Inspiration – 84 pounds lost in 1 year

I want to thank this wonderful person for letting me share her keto diet weight loss success inspiration here on this new little blog. She shared her story in a facebook support group I am a part of and I knew I wanted to make […]

Help! Keto Diet and Rising Blood Sugar

Help! Keto Diet and Rising Blood Sugar

  First, I love the Keto Diet. Second…. I am confused.  Before I started the Ketosis Diet my morning blood sugar as a type 2 diabetic was 110 each morning. 2 weeks in and it was suddenly 135. And now after 40 days, it is […]

Inspirational:  How She Lost 100lbs on Keto Diet

Inspirational: How She Lost 100lbs on Keto Diet

Science tells us that social support is important for many things, this includes losing weight and getting healthy. A very nice lady posted about her 100 lb loss and just how she got there with the Keto diet. I have found her journey to be an inspiration and thought I would share it here with all of you!


By: Norma Allinger-Howell

I wrote this out for a friend, then thought I might as well share it here if it would help someone. My husband and I are 19 months keto. I’ve lost almost 100lbs and he’s lost all 4 daily insulin shots and metformin! I remember feeling overwhelmed in the beginning, but it does work, just stay committed.

What we eat on the Keto Diet

Keto Breakfast:

*Bulletproof coffee (BPC). Coffee whipped with butter and/or coconut oil plus stevia favored drops, cinnamon, vanilla, wild orange essential oil, or whatever flavor sounds good.
*Eggs any style. We always have hard boiled in the fridge for egg salad. Omelet muffins are great to make ahead and put in the freezer for a quick breakfast or for travel. Eggs fried in butter or bacon grease is perfect too.
*Bacon! We like Trader Joe’s ends and pieces. $3.50 for a pound, great flavor, no sugar, and lots of fat! We cook a pound or two on a cookie sheet in the oven then freeze some of it. And of course, pour the grease into a jar for frying those eggs.
*Any meat really, but watch the lower fat cuts like boneless, skinless chicken breasts. It’s too easy to get too much protein and not enough fat.
*“Keto oatmeal” I really missed my morning oatmeal in the beginning so I looked up recipes and experimented til I found my favorite. 2 tablespoons each chia seeds, flax seeds (whole or ground, I prefer whole) and hemp seed (I get mine at Trader Joe’s) . I also add butter and MTC Oil (a type of coconut oil) and some Himalayan pink salt. After that it’s whatever flavor I’m in the mood for. Sometimes a quarter cup of raspberries and a pinch of stevia. Sometimes maple extract and some cinnamon.
**As we get “fat-adapted”, efficient at burning fat as fuel, we don’t need as much food and breakfast seems to be the easiest meal to drop. Many people just have BPC or even just water til lunch. But the consistent advice is always to eat if you’re hungry, don’t eat if you’re not.


Keto Lunch:

*Leftovers! My personal favorite. Just a piece of meat or two from the night before is perfect, as long as it’s not too lean.
*For a portable lunch, egg or tuna or chicken salad with a baggie of pork rinds is great. Maybe some almond butter and celery. A cheese chunk or stick.
*Salad. We start with a basic salad, baby greens, celery, cucumbers, mushrooms, etc. Minimal or no tomatoes, bell pepper and carrot. Then we add as much fat as possible! Olives, cheeses, bacon, ham, turkey, sunflower seeds or some nuts, fried onions, etc. I usually make my own 1000 island with mayo (we like Traders Joe’s) with just a tiny bit (1tsp) each ketchup and relish. I also add salt.
**Lunch is the second meal that usually falls off after several months keto. Not for everyone but many people just do OMAD (one meal a day). This is also called Intermittent Fasting. Some eat just lunch and dinner in a 6 hour window, so fast for the other 18 hours (18/6). OMAD would be 23/1 intermittent fasting. We usually do about 20/4 to 23/1, depending on the day. But it’s flexible, if we have breakfast with friends, we may nor eat again til dinner or not til the next day, whatever works. The lack of hunger in keto adaption is phenomenal! So much time and money saved! “The Obesity Code” by Dr Jason Fung is the best book to read about diabetes, obesity and fasting. Butter Bob also has some great videos on intermittent fasting on YouTube.


Keto Dinner:

*Fatter cuts of chicken, pork, or beef. We often use our George Forman, but then save the drippings to pour over the meat or for cooking our riced cauliflower. More often than not, at home we just have meat and maybe a salad. But there are plenty of other options.
*Riced cauliflower! Can be bought “pre-riced” at Trader Joe’s frozen or fresh (we get frozen) or you can use a cheese grater (or blender?) on a whole head. It can be boiled, microwaved, or sauteed in the drippings from the meat. After it’s cooked you can eat it as rice or throw it in a bullet with butter and garlic and make it into mashed “potatoes”.
*Pretty much any non-starchy veggie works. For Christmas and other holidays, our personal favorite is bacon wrapped brussel sprouts.
Stir fry. Non-starchy veggies with “Bragg’s Amino Acids” instead of soy sauce. (non GMO and no wheat products)
*Take some of your favorite dinners, then Google search “keto____”. You could try keto shepherd’s pie, keto lasagna, keto stir-fry. Just about any recipe can be altered to be high-fat/low-carb.
*Another favorite is affectionately known in the keto world as Crack Slaw. We usually make it with bacon and cabbage fried in bacon grease. However, we’ve had it with hamburger instead. Personally, I think it HAS to have bacon, but the hamburger, summer sausage, and/or breakfast sausage adds to the flavor. We put a pound of cut up Trader Joe’s Bacon Ends & Pieces on a cookie sheet and broil it 10 minutes then dump it, grease and bacon, into a pot or big pan and add shredded cabbage, seasonings and usually broccoli slaw mix. Maybe a bit of water to let the cabbage cook down. Dish it up with a big scoop of sour cream and call it dinner!

*90 second bread. We use it for grilled cheese sandwiches, garlic bread, and even a mashed raspberries and almond butter sandwich (keto pb&j).
*Cloud Bread. Never actually made it, but I love it when Linda T shares!
*Nuts have carbs, but keeping small bags of them handy in a car or desk has saved me from the dreaded drive thru. Trader Joe’s sells prepackaged “handfuls” of almonds. Yes, slightly more expensive than a single bag, but ultimately cheaper since I’ll only eat one handful, not 6!

Keto Desserts

*Fat bombs! A keto staple that really helped us in the beginning. Just a cube or two if we felt hungry or after dinner kept us from feeling “deprived”. Lots of fancy recipes out there, but easy to keep simple. ¾ C (total) mix of butter and/or coconut oil, ¼ C raw cocoa powder, and a pinch of stevia. Warm, blend, then pour into ice cube trays and freeze. Easy as that! You can also add nuts or unsweetened nut butters, coconut, pure extracts like maple, butterscotch or vanilla, or essential oils like Wild Orange or peppermint.
*Chocolate mousse. Just whip some heavy whipping cream with a few tablespoons raw cocoa powder and a pinch of stevia. Some recipes call for cream cheese. Any of the fat bomb flavors work as well.
*We keep other desserts as a rare treat for special occasions and holidays. Trader Joe’s fine almond flour makes great cookies, pie crusts, and other pastries. Pumpkin pie can easily be made keto friendly. Cloud bread can make strawberry shortcake and a host of other amazing deserts.

Keto Beverages

*Coffee (black or BPC)
*Bulletproof tea is good too, but I prefer hwc (heavy whipping cream)
*Refrigerated coffee blended with ice, hwc and flavored stevia drops makes a great Frappuccino.
*Bone broth. Not the store bought kind, just throw beef bones in your crock pot for 24 hours or so with some veggie scraps, salt and spices, then strain and enjoy! I freeze it in cup portions for fasting days or whenever.
*Calm. Keto is an anti-inflammatory way of eating and it flushes out water retention. It’s therefore easier to get low on electrolytes. Calm Magnesium is a powder you add to water at night to stop leg cramps and help get a restful sleep. The reviews on Amazon are amazing. I get it at Natural Grocers. Just start with ¼ teaspoon for a few weeks then build up from there. We also add some Morton’s No Salt (pure potassium) and Himalayan pink salt to our nightly Calm. Probably not even ⅛ of a teaspoon. These are really easy to get depleted so must be taken regularly.
*We loved to drink milk, but a measured cup is almost 10 carbs, half our daily carbs! We use full fat cream for tea and coffee, but to drink we switched to unsweetened cashew milk, it’s only 1 carb per cup. With a pinch of pure stevia or a few chocolate stevia drops, it’s perfect.

Keto doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Keeping carbs under 20 grams per day is the most important thing. Just commit to one month, no cheats, and see the difference in weight, blood sugar levels, and health.

Her Before and After Photos:

Ketosis for Diabetes – So you don’t ROT from the inside out!

Ketosis for Diabetes – So you don’t ROT from the inside out!

  A frustrated woman with thyroid issues was in a keto group venting about she has stalled for 3 months and just sick of the diet. As helpful suggestions and support poured in I noticed she was reluctant to really hear it. I think frustration […]

Life Before The Keto Diet

Life Before The Keto Diet

Like so many women, I found myself over weight. Living by the typical american diet did me no favors and the food pyramid just seemed to set me up for more failure. Like so many, I tried all the suggested diets and found they either […]

My Diary

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Like so many women, I found myself over weight. Living by the typical american diet did me no favors and the food pyramid just seemed to set me up for more failure. Like so many, I tried all the suggested diets and found they either didn’t have results or I just couldn’t live with them. But why? Why isn’t calories in vs calories out enough? Certainly the doctors seem to think it is that easy. We know though, there is more to it!

 I wasn’t an over weight child.

My history basically summed up was as an active kid who loved nature and felt strong. My dad was a meat and potatoes guy, there were many carbs in our lives but it didn’t seem to affect me. My Dad though and Step mother struggled with weight. They went low fat and drank a lot of aspartame. As they got older their health got worse, still, they pushed and pushed low fat.

 Did diet cause my Dads Pancreatic Cancer?

A year ago today my Dad died of pancreatic cancer. He lost the weight he meant to only at the end when he was dying.

I am not saying his diet killed him. I am saying it didn’t save him. Maybe nothing could. I know one thing, I want to go another way. Maybe it is the geek in me who loves to experiment. Maybe it is the grief in me that is screaming, DO SOMETHING. I will not leave my kids behind any sooner than I must. My Dad would want me to try. So finally, I am doing it. Finally I found what is working. Will it be my path to Healthy? I think so. I could be wrong though. I guess we will see. My Dad wanted me to get healthy, and I am going to!

 How I got Fat

I was thin all the way up until I got pregnant with my first child. I gained 80 lbs before they discovered I had gestational diabetes. Those pounds never really came off. A total of 7 babies, and there I was at 235 pounds. I tried so many diets and products over the years. Just so many. What I didn’t know was that I had genetics working against me, and a number of health issues I wasn’t even aware of. Mostly though I did what the doctors and nutritionist told me to do and following the food pyramid. I know a lot of you have done this too, and I know for most, it just hasn’t worked.

I want to mention I was good at dieting, strict. So strict that in 2011 I did an HCG diet so so well that I ended up in the ER with heart issues. After that I was very scared to diet. I worked on embracing my life. I do love my life, but I am limited. I want to feel strong again. So this is my start.

For years I have known low-carb was the way to go. I found myself miserable in the past though. Did you know there are different low carb diets? Did you know that Keto Flu is brutal for some but can be overcome? It is one thing to know the answers and another to put that knowledge into practice.

   Finally losing weight thanks to Keto diet and Intermittent Fasting

I found the Keto diet and Intermittent fasting, and together, I have hit my perfect balance. I hope to share the details and inspiration here to help others and keep myself accountable.