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Month: May 2017

Inspirational:  How She Lost 100lbs on Keto Diet

Inspirational: How She Lost 100lbs on Keto Diet

Science tells us that social support is important for many things, this includes losing weight and getting healthy. A very nice lady posted about her 100 lb loss and just how she got there with the Keto diet. I have found her journey to be […]

Ketosis for Diabetes – So you don’t ROT from the inside out!

Ketosis for Diabetes – So you don’t ROT from the inside out!

  A frustrated woman with thyroid issues was in a keto group venting about she has stalled for 3 months and just sick of the diet. As helpful suggestions and support poured in I noticed she was reluctant to really hear it. I think frustration […]

Life Before The Keto Diet

Life Before The Keto Diet

Like so many women, I found myself over weight. Living by the typical american diet did me no favors and the food pyramid just seemed to set me up for more failure. Like so many, I tried all the suggested diets and found they either didn’t have results or I just couldn’t live with them. But why? Why isn’t calories in vs calories out enough? Certainly the doctors seem to think it is that easy. We know though, there is more to it!

 I wasn’t an over weight child.

My history basically summed up was as an active kid who loved nature and felt strong. My dad was a meat and potatoes guy, there were many carbs in our lives but it didn’t seem to affect me. My Dad though and Step mother struggled with weight. They went low fat and drank a lot of aspartame. As they got older their health got worse, still, they pushed and pushed low fat.

 Did diet cause my Dads Pancreatic Cancer?

A year ago today my Dad died of pancreatic cancer. He lost the weight he meant to only at the end when he was dying.

I am not saying his diet killed him. I am saying it didn’t save him. Maybe nothing could. I know one thing, I want to go another way. Maybe it is the geek in me who loves to experiment. Maybe it is the grief in me that is screaming, DO SOMETHING. I will not leave my kids behind any sooner than I must. My Dad would want me to try. So finally, I am doing it. Finally I found what is working. Will it be my path to Healthy? I think so. I could be wrong though. I guess we will see. My Dad wanted me to get healthy, and I am going to!

 How I got Fat

I was thin all the way up until I got pregnant with my first child. I gained 80 lbs before they discovered I had gestational diabetes. Those pounds never really came off. A total of 7 babies, and there I was at 235 pounds. I tried so many diets and products over the years. Just so many. What I didn’t know was that I had genetics working against me, and a number of health issues I wasn’t even aware of. Mostly though I did what the doctors and nutritionist told me to do and following the food pyramid. I know a lot of you have done this too, and I know for most, it just hasn’t worked.

I want to mention I was good at dieting, strict. So strict that in 2011 I did an HCG diet so so well that I ended up in the ER with heart issues. After that I was very scared to diet. I worked on embracing my life. I do love my life, but I am limited. I want to feel strong again. So this is my start.

For years I have known low-carb was the way to go. I found myself miserable in the past though. Did you know there are different low carb diets? Did you know that Keto Flu is brutal for some but can be overcome? It is one thing to know the answers and another to put that knowledge into practice.

   Finally losing weight thanks to Keto diet and Intermittent Fasting

I found the Keto diet and Intermittent fasting, and together, I have hit my perfect balance. I hope to share the details and inspiration here to help others and keep myself accountable.