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Ketosis for Diabetes – So you don’t ROT from the inside out!

Ketosis for Diabetes – So you don’t ROT from the inside out!


A frustrated woman with thyroid issues was in a keto group venting about she has stalled for 3 months and just sick of the diet. As helpful suggestions and support poured in I noticed she was reluctant to really hear it. I think frustration can do that to us sometime.

Some of the ideas:

Fasting – She said she couldn’t because she is a type 2 diabetic. This is a myth that people with diabetes can’t fast! Great link on Intermittent Fasting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1a2Fsfa8e4I&feature=youtu.be this video is helpful too: https://youtu.be/9A7aZ1NEGsU

Ask her Doctor to up her Thyroid medication – She says is in normal range, though others explained that medicating this health issue to the symptoms rather than the number is important but most doctors have not caught up to that science yet.

Heal Her Gut – This is such a big deal but she didn’t reply to the suggestion

Thyroid medication isn’t enough – Great site was suggested to explain why medication is not enough when dealing with Thyroid issues:  stopthethyroidmadness.com

Try Armour thyroid 

Have Estrogen tested – It can stall weight loss.

Try High Intensity short interval workouts or Weight Training. – She says she walks, but is open to this!

SLEEP! People who don’t get at least 8 hours have 50% more insulin resistance!

She didn’t mention how she feels doing Keto. Just that she doesn’t look good at 177lbs. My heart hurts for her. She is suffering and clearly working hard but something needs to change. I am glad she got to vent.

   This though was my comment in the light of her saying she doesn’t see the point of keeping going with Keto when she can take her diabetic medication and eat to her meter. 

We have diabetes…. the sugar in carbs WILL rot us from the inside out. I see Keto as the only solution, weight loss or not. A neighbor had her legs amputated a few years back and she just died a few days ago. (she ate to her meter!) Bless her soul. I will NOT be her. I will not rot. Even eating to the meter can be too many carbs and most diabetic medication make the numbers LOOK good, because they are shoving the sugar into cells, cells full of sugar for so long just ROT. The medication doesn’t actually flush the sugars out of your blood, they forcefully shove it into already bloated sick cells to get it out of you blood. It isn’t ok either! It is just a slower death and one might argue more painful! Anyway, I love all the ideas that people have shared, it sounds like you can make a list of them and go from there to figure out what to do in addition to keto to break the stall. I know you are frustrated, vent away, you haven’t lost this battle, you just need to add to the strategy a bit!



  I wanted to blog this because I have only been on the Ketosis Diet and Intermittent Fasting for 25 days! There will come a day when the weight stops melting away and I will have to change something. I will need this advice too! There will come a day when I might well be this woman who has tried so hard and just hit a wall. Maybe you are like her and need this advice! Save this post, come back to it if you need it!


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