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Month: June 2017

Keto Diet – Lost 30lbs in 60 Days – Just the right food!

Keto Diet – Lost 30lbs in 60 Days – Just the right food!

60 Days ago I jumped into the Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting at the same time. I had no idea on day 6, my hardest day of Keto Flu, that I would lose this amount of weight in this amount of time. I am not […]

Is It Possible to Lose 5lbs in 4 Days?

Is It Possible to Lose 5lbs in 4 Days?

Most of you reading this will know that it is very possible to lose 5lbs in 4 days. Specially if you haven’t been dieting for a while! However this question was asked in a Keto group I am a part of and I thought it […]

Keto Diet Inspiration – 84 pounds lost in 1 year

Keto Diet Inspiration – 84 pounds lost in 1 year

I want to thank this wonderful person for letting me share her keto diet weight loss success inspiration here on this new little blog. She shared her story in a facebook support group I am a part of and I knew I wanted to make sure I could find it again when a bit of uplifting hope is needed!



Hello Keto Friends,

This is my first time posting, Please accept my apologies in advance for how long this ended up being!

Like many of you, I have struggled with weight issues pretty much my whole life. Up and down, never TOO big, but always bigger than I wanted to be. After going thru a very painful divorce, followed by years of neglecting myself, I had ballooned up to 330lbs. Every year following my divorce I told myself, “THIS is the year I take care of ME”, and every year I failed myself.

Making the decision to stop the madness came later than I may have liked, but it finally came, and on June 5th 2016 it was finally time for ME.

I had done the “low carb thing” after I had my daughter in ’98 and it worked. At that time I was 30 and I lost 55lbs pretty quickly. It was a bit of a struggle, and I treated it like a diet other than a way of life.

This time is SO different. I started low carb and moved to Keto pretty quickly. It has been ridiculously, surprisingly, easy thanks to WONDERFUL Groups like this, and a huge amount of online resources. My kids have supported me 100%. From the start my 14-yr old son would help calculate the amount of carbs so I wouldn’t go over. My daughter consistently tells me how great I am doing and how beautiful I am. My kids are fit, and even tho they don’t need to lose any weight, they now look at every label and are amazed at the amount of sugars and carbs that are in the foods that they like to eat. Oftentimes they make a different choice. My kids are THE reason I live and breathe, so their support means everything to me.

I can honestly say, with the WOE I have not felt deprived at all. I resist unhealthy foods easily, and I am able to modify any meal, anywhere.

Quite by accident, Intermittent Fasting has become a regular thing for me the past few months. As my body has become used to this WOE I find myself less and less hungry. During the work week, I have bullet proof coffee in the morning, and then I usually don’t eat until dinner. I do not deny myself, if I am hungry during the day at work, I just buy a few cheese sticks from the honor bar. I usually eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on the weekends.

I DO NOT use a scale.
The scale cannot measure how good you feel every day
The scale cannot measure your new found confidence
The only way I know my starting weight is from a Dr. Appt I had in March 2016 before I began this WOE.
For some, the scale works, but for me, if I get on the scale and I am not happy with the number, I am fearful that I will somehow lose confidence. As long as I feel good, and I am eating healthy keto foods, then I rely on faith, not a number.

I pledged I would only get on a scale after a year, and not before, which brings us to Monday, June 5th which was my 1-Year Keto-versary!

I got on the scale at work (we don’t have one at home!) and as of Monday I have lost 84lbs

I am not where I want/need to be yet, but that is OK. I am proud of where I am. This is a marathon, a fresh, new beginning for me. And it is no longer just about weight loss, it is about health and energy and it is quite simply the way I will eat for the rest of my life.

My only problem with this WOE is that I can’t keep my kids away from my bacon, avocados and fat bombs!

I want to THANK YOU ALL for sharing all your beautiful pictures, your incredible inspiring stories and your delicious recipes.
I am so GRATEFUL to have this forum. Without all of you, I would be lost!

For those just starting or struggling, don’t give up! I know it sounds cliché, but if I can do it, you can too!

I may not have not lost the most pounds in a year of this group, but I have lost consistently and I am 1000 times happier and healthier.

Keep the faith, and if you fall, get back up!

Take Care, Be Well, and KETO ON!

 — Debi Smithwick

Help! Keto Diet and Rising Blood Sugar

Help! Keto Diet and Rising Blood Sugar

  First, I love the Keto Diet. Second…. I am confused.  Before I started the Ketosis Diet my morning blood sugar as a type 2 diabetic was 110 each morning. 2 weeks in and it was suddenly 135. And now after 40 days, it is […]