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Help! Keto Diet and Rising Blood Sugar

Help! Keto Diet and Rising Blood Sugar

  First, I love the Keto Diet. Second…. I am confused.

 Before I started the Ketosis Diet my morning blood sugar as a type 2 diabetic was 110 each morning. 2 weeks in and it was suddenly 135. And now after 40 days, it is over 150! How is this happening? It seems the better I do at eating keto, the more loyal I am, the worse my blood sugars are. Now of course it should also be noted, if it matters, that I also practice joyfully intermittent fasting 18:6. I have lost 20 lbs though stalled these last 2 weeks. I did have a bump in the road midway when my doctor put me on medications, I felt like I was dying then, and the time since has been a stall as I recover. I got off those meds to be clear. I was feeling amazing on Keto and the meds made me miserable! Another post about that at some point though. For now though, the blood sugar issue!

Ketosis causing high fasting Blood Sugar

   So why is my blood sugars getting worse on the keto diet?

  This link might explain it: https://chrismasterjohnphd.com/2012/01/07/we-really-can-make-glucose-from-fatty/

  It is really an interesting and enjoyable read and worth the time. It explains how when doing keto can convert fatty acids into glucose and how cells then use less glucose, leaving more in the blood stream. The science looks really sound actually. And a bit scary too!

  What it does not do is give any ideas on how to do keto and yet not have rising blood sugars! That is my next mission!

   I am glad someone pointed this out to me as 99% of people I talk to assume I was eating hidden carbs or some how doing Keto wrong! That is enough to hurt a keto girls heart I have to say. Given that most medical books still don’t teach how ketones = glucose is possible, no wonder people were questioning my commitment or understanding. I am not talking about quiting keto, I am looking at ways to fix this issue while doing keto! If you have any solutions I am open to it!

     My husband looked into this issue with me and found that poor sleep can make insulin resistance worse. More insulin resistance = more fatty acids being made into glucose. So we are working on quality of sleep. Make our bedroom colder and darker and a few other things (like his sleep apnea making me nuts!) We are going to try some other things too. If you have ideas… let me know?

Have this issue too? Make your voices known!

2 thoughts on “Help! Keto Diet and Rising Blood Sugar”

  • Oh my goodness! Congratulations on your new lifestyle and weight loss. I lost 100 lbs on Keto also. I’ve been living like this for 10+ years now and always looking for people who understand. I know that anything, even pure meat can turn to glucose if too much is eaten. For the first couple of years, I think I ate more but now I get full easier and have to eat smaller amounts of food.
    You have a really awesome website and look great in the photos. Good to meet you , ummm Kelly? did I see that somewhere? I see that you’re a mom. I don’t know how old your kids are but I write about kids ages 0-8 and self care on my website for caregivers as well as my keto diet. I’ve been in child care and family education for like 40 years now. I’m Nanci Joy! on Pinterest. Congrats again, n.joy!

    • Nice to meet you Nanci and thank you for letting me know about your blog. Goodness we can use all the support we can get right? I am a Mom too and my name is Kimberly! Congrats on such great weight loss with Keto and doing this for so long! How did you first learn about Keto? I feel like there is a book or site or doctor from back then that I some how missed and wish I hadn’t!

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