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Keto Diet – Lost 30lbs in 60 Days – Just the right food!

Keto Diet – Lost 30lbs in 60 Days – Just the right food!

60 Days ago I jumped into the Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting at the same time. I had no idea on day 6, my hardest day of Keto Flu, that I would lose this amount of weight in this amount of time. I am not going to say it is easy but being fat is hard, keto can be hard, so pick your hard. While some times are harder than others, it is though the easiest way of eating I have ever experienced. Like many people, I have tried many diets. None of them have worked this well and been this easy, so compared to others this is fantastic. In the back of my mind of course are the statistics, losing weight this fast, heck, losing weight at all, the chances of it all coming back and then some…. but alas, this is a choice for me to be a way of life, and I am looking forward with hope.

Ketosis Diet and Intermittent Fasting for maximum weight loss!

So I was asked for tips about how I did this. Here is what I have told others:

Track everything! The weight loss and nutrition tracking app that is free, MyFitnessPal is your friend! (for the most part!) If you can manage intermittent fasting, do it! I do at least 18/6 and now mostly 20/4. I only eat Dinner and 1 snack before bed. You might think that packing your carbs into one meal and a snack might kick you from keto, but it doesn’t for me. Look into the fasting research, it is really interesting. i am rather a geek so on hard days, I research and find inspiration from others. Pubmed studies about keto and fasting are a great source of knowledge. I haven’t done any fasting past 24 hours (accidentally LOL) but I want to if/when I stall. I stalled from week 3 to almost 6! (a lot of people seem to hit a wall at 3 weeks in actually!) Issues with medications I think and too high in calories even though macro calculators and MFP said I shouldn’t have less than 1200…. that just isn’t true for my sedentary situation! I think my fibromyalga is getting better and hopefully I can be more active soon! For now though, I am staying in the calorie window where I am losing and ignoring MFP!) Make sure you get your water in, electrolytes, and don’t ever ever cheat. I get keto flu bad and so it keeps me from cheating as I never want to go through that again!

No magic pills, no multi level marketing products, no nutritional ketones, just food and vitamins and minerals. I don’t even work out yet! I do a bit of light yoga but that is it so far. I can’t wait to get to the point where I can work out and start building strength and be more like my younger fierce self!



Starting Weight: 235

Current Weight: 204.8

First Goal Weight: 190


Final Goal Weight…. NO IDEA what this should be actually! Do you? I am 5’4 and big bones (not just saying it, Doctors told me at 10 years old I have “birthing hips” not kidding)

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